ICK - Students' Service

1. Socio-Cultural Service and Gender Promotion

The Students' Service has three departments: the department of Socio-Cultural Service and Gender Promotion, the department of Spiritual-Pastoral Service and Training, and the department of Sport and Leisure.
This department is responsible for:

  • Promoting positive cultural practices and communication;
  • Enhancing cultural exchange between the ICK community and other Higher Learning Institutions;
  • Promoting ICK associations and clubs activities;
  • Organizing indoor cultural programs and ensuring students participation in outdoor activities and conferences;
  • Supervising and supporting cultural troops;
  • Promoting Gender awareness.

2. Spiritual-Pastoral Service and Training

This department is in charge of:

  • Coordinating all the spiritual and pastoral activities;
  • Guiding and counseling students about their responsibilities as Christians within the ICK community and outside;
  • Trainings;
  • Organizing charity activities involving the staff and the students.

3. Sport and Leisure

Through this department ICK helps students in:

  • Building capacity in sports domain; 
  • Developing competitive and fair play sprit;
  • Organizing sports tournament and other leisure activities;
  • Promoting friendship and conviviality within the ICK community and outside.