ICK English Language Resource Centre was established in 2009 in order to promote English Language use in “Institut Catholique de Kabgayi” in Particular and in Rwanda in general, and in the context of implementing the Government decision of making English language the only medium of instruction in all schools and higher institutions of education starting with the 2009 academic year.

Mission:  “Promoting English language learning and use inside and outside the institution”.



  1. in-reach Program: This is indoor program which is generally meant for ICK community. It aims at facilitating ICK community to efficiently and effectively use English as a medium of communication in their everyday administrative and academic deliverables such as lectures, seminars, conferences, discussions, reports and letters writing, etc.

  2. Outreach program: It is a type of service that the Centre offers to the surrounding community with the aim to help the surrounding community improve their English language proficiency. This program includes: Trainings for staff from different institutions (banks, districts, etc), Trainings for English and subject-teachers on EFL teaching methods and English Proficiency, Supporting English clubs in different primary and secondary schools



  • Providing English language learning services inside and outside the ICK 
  • Coordinating the teaching of English in all ICK faculties ensuring quality education.
  • Designing English Course programs at all levels.
  • upporting English in primary and secondary schools through teacher-trainings, English clubs, etc in surrounding areas. 
  • Organising conferences and other activities aiming at promoting English language learning and use.



Key Achievements

  • Annual SPEAK-UP contests
  • Annual Conferences
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate (ELPC)
  • Trainings for primary and secondary school English teachers
  • Hosting English Language Fellows (ELF)
  • Trainings for ICK staff
  • Trainings for private candidates;
  • Intensive English language program for ICK new students