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Marie Paul DUSINGIZE Ph.D.
  • Qualification : Dean, PhD in Social Sciences with specialization in sociology
  • Mobile Phone : 0784101080
  • Email : dusingizemarie@gmail.com
  • Short Bio :

    Dr. Marie Paul DUSINGIZE Is the Dean of Faculty of Social Economic Sciences and Management at Institut Catholique de Kabgayi, Rwanda, where she has been Faculty member since 2011. Dr. DUSINGIZE completed in 2010 her PhD in Social Sciences with specialization in sociology at Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy.

     Besides teaching sociological theories to undergraduate students in Department of Sociology, throughout 7 years of her career, Dr. DUSINGIZE has been engaged in scholastic research. She also is a guest speaker at a number of research events.

    Her publications are:
    1. Dusingize M.P.& Nyiransabimana V., (2017).  A Study of University Social Responsibility (USR) Practices at Rwanda’s Institut Catholique de Kabgayi, in Donnalyn Pompper (ed.) Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Ethical Public Relations (The Changing Context of Managing People, Volume) Emerald Publishing Limited, pp.143 – 166. ISBN: 978-1-78714-586-3 eISBN: 978-1-78714-585-6
    2. Dusingize, M.P. & and Ndikubwimana, J.B., (2016). Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP) and its financial direct support component to the poor as strategy for poverty reduction in Rwanda: Challenges and opportunities. In H. Musahara (Ed.), Inclusive growth and development issues in Eastern and Southern Africa (pp. 193-221). Addis  Ababa: OSSREA. ISBN: 978-99944-55-88-1.
    3. Dusingize M.P (2015), Institut Catholique de Kabgayi (Ick) entre deux pôles : Education et réduction de la pauvreté in ACUHIAM JOURNAL, Vol.2 nr.2,2011.
    4. Dusingize M.P., (2014) La communauté rwandaise cherche à se rebâtir à travers les juridictions Gacaca. Quelles responsabilités pour les chercheurs?  A paper presented in the Second Conference of Social Sciences Group Sectoriel of International Federation of Catholic Universities on A new Social Thought for a New Social Model: looking for Alternatives, hold on 16-19 January, 2013 at Bangalore, India.
      ISBN: 2-911048-69-5 available on www.fiuc.org.


  • Qualification : Master’s Degree in Science of Education with specialization in Pedagogical Methodology
  • Mobile Phone : (+250) 788 484 183
  • Email : twamarcellin@gmail.com or twamarcellin@yahoo.fr
  • Short Bio :

    Marcellin TWAGIRAYEZU holds a Master’s Degree in Science of Education with specialization in    Pedagogical Methodology obtained from Salesian Pontifical University of Roma- Italy and Bachelor’s Degree in Theology obtained from Nyakibanda Major Seminar in Huye District (This is   a Degree issued by Urbanian Pontifical University of Roma- Italy).

    Since 2008 up to now, he is working as Assistant Permanent lecturer at INSTITUT CATHOLIQUE DE KABGAYI/ICK and also as Director in Charge of Part-Time Programmes.


    Education, Sociology of Education, Psychology, Social Doctrine of the Church.


    • Supervising Dissertation Writings
    • Designing Modules of Faculty of Education for ICK